Our surrounding area

The camping is situated in Southwest Hungary in the small village Görgeteg.

You will find our camping far away from tourist hotspots, embedded in the beautiful Hungarian countryside. To ensure a stay on our camping will be a relaxing one, making everybody forget all daily stress, we’ve sought out a spot in a small village in Southwestern Hungary, to start our camping. The village has a good infrastructure all amenities are there: a doctor, a chemist, churches, shops, and pubs.

Despite all that the village is a quiet, typically rural, Hungarian village. In the surrounding area there’s plenty to discover for those who like to hike around the countryside or enjoy a cycle tour.
Also for the anglers amongst us; plenty of beautiful fishing lakes await you f.i. in Rinyaszentkiraly, Kadarkut, Haromfa (the wellknown Green Hell) as well as two in Csokonyavisonta.
Horseriding is a  nice way to enjoy our area, only roughly 8 km away there is a beautiful riding school.
If your interested in indigenous species of f.i. cattle you might like to visit Dravaszentes there you can see racka sheep, mangalitsa pigs as well as nonius horses. 

Nearby there is also a game sanctuary as well as a hunting castle/lodge and one of the national parks of Hungary (Duna-Dráva). Here you can enjoy the unspoiled nature up close.

A city close to us is Csokonyavisonta, the thermal baths there are said to be of the most beautiful and best of the whole of Hungary. If ever you want to spoil yourself ........!!!

Other cities nearby, Barcs and Nagyatad offer more shops, museums as well as other sights to see!

The city of Pécs, (roughly 75 km from Görgeteg) is chosen to be the European Capital of culture of 2010. Here the guests will await different kinds of programs.

Because of the location of our village, only 30 km form the border with Croatia, a daytrip there is a nice possibility.

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Het weer in Görgeteg